Exon & Intron International Corporate is a Moroccan company specialized in import-export and sourcing, with a presence in both North Africa and East Asia, as well as a strong network of partners in Europe, Australia, Russia, the United States, and Canada since our establishment in 2020. 

Our journey has been marked by remarkable success and exceptional results, enabling us to proudly expand in East Asia and offer a unique opportunity for African businesses to enter this market. We also facilitate exchanges for East Asian companies. Our story is one of bold vision that took root in Morocco and flourished in Indonesia

Founded with determination and passion, our company has forged strong ties with local partners in both countries, providing us with a deep understanding of the cultural and economic specificities of each market. With our extensive expertise in import-export and sourcing, we have become an essential player in connecting Moroccan and Indonesian companies, facilitating trade, promoting the development of new markets, and creating growth opportunities for all parties involved. 

Our success is the result of hard work, a commitment to excellence, and a constant pursuit of customer satisfaction. We strive to deliver high-quality services tailored to the specific needs of each business, ensuring reliable and efficient solutions at every step of the import-export and sourcing process.

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