With our extensive expertise in international trade, sourcing, and business networking, focused primarily on Africa and East Asia, especially between Morocco and Indonesia, we empower businesses to thrive in the dynamic markets of these regions. Our comprehensive services cater to diverse needs, providing seamless solutions for successful import-export operations and strategic market expansion in Africa and East Asia.


Business Matchmaking

We forge strategic connections between entrepreneurs, fostering lucrative partnerships and expanding business horizons.

Sourcing Import-Export

We enable businesses to access a diverse range of global suppliers and markets, facilitating seamless international trade and growth.

International Market Entry Support

We provide comprehensive Support to businesses seeking successful expansion , offering expert guidance and solutions for navigating diverse regulatory landscapes and maximizing growth opportunities.



Sourcing Import-Export

Global Supplier Research

Identify and select the best international suppliers to meet your specific import-export needs.

Comprehensive Logistics Management

Ensure a smooth and efficient management of the supply chain and international logistics for seamless transactions.

Customs and Regulatory Services

Simplify customs formalities and ensure regulatory compliance for hassle-free international trade.

Business Matchmaking

Targeted Business Networking

Organize networking events and focused meetings to facilitate connections with strategic business partners.

Partnership Programs

Facilitate business partnerships by connecting companies with complementary interests and objectives.

Access to Global Networks

Provide your clients with access to influential business networks worldwide for growth and development opportunities.

International Market Entry Support

Market Research and Analysis

Benefit from in-depth market research of the target market to assess business opportunities and potential risks.

Entry Consultation

Receive expert support in understanding local regulations, administrative procedures, and best practices for international market entry.

Legal and Administrative Assistance

Obtain professional help in handling legal and administrative aspects related to establishing a presence in a new country.

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